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Monday, December 5, 2011

Political Communication Interest Group is the Largest Interest Group in AEJMC!

Our Vice-head, Guy Golan, has just returned from the AEJMC Midwinter meeting, where our group received some very exciting news - after only a short time in existence, we are now the largest interest group in AEJMC!!

We also participated in the process of determining schedules for the 2012 meeting of AEJMC in Chicago. We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer multiple research panels as well as a PF&R panel, a teaching pre-conference, co-sponsored with the ethics division, as well as poster sessions. These venues are great ways for us to show the AEJMC community what we are doing as scholars, so I hope everyone will submit work to the Interest Group.

Because we are such a large and exciting group, we will also require lots of volunteers to help peer review the submissions we receive. If you're willing to review, contact our research chairs, Erik Nisbet (nisbet.5@osu.edu) and Lauren Feldman (feldman@american.edu). Be sure to invite your Political Communication colleagues to review and submit work for the 2012 conference as well.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Chicago in August!


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