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Monday, August 5, 2013

AEJMC Schedule for PCIG

In case you were looking for great panels and other events to attend, we've conveniently listed the complete PCIG schedule below. Looking forward to seeing everyone in DC this week!

For details on any of these events, please use the free mobile app provided by AEJMC.

How to get the free app:

1. Go to the Android Market or Apple App Store
2. Download the "Guidebook" app
3. Open the app and click "Download Guides"
4. Search for "AEJMC DC 2013" and then select it

After you download the guidebook app, select the "sessions by divisions/IG" function in the AEJMC DC 2013 guide and scroll down to find PCIG panels/events.


1pm Workshop session: Introduction to Conditional Process Modeling: Exploring Moderation and Mediation with SPSS


3:15 pm PF&R Panel Session: Covering the U.S. Supreme Court in the Digital Age


8:15am Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

3:15pm Refereed Paper Research Session: Top Papers in Political Communication

8:30pm Business Session: Members’ Meeting


8:15am Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

12:15pm Scholar-to-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session (this won't show up as PCIG on the app but there are PCIG papers included!)

1:45pm Refereed Paper Research Session: Election 2012

3:30pm Research Panel Session: Threatening People or Threatening News? “Foreigner” Threat in the Political News Framing


12:45pm Teaching Panel Session: Exploring the Use of Emerging Technology in the Classroom During the 2012 Election Cycle and Beyond

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