tag: AEJMC Political Communication Interest Group: Call for panels for AEJMC 2013 in Washington DC

Monday, September 24, 2012

Call for panels for AEJMC 2013 in Washington DC

Call for panels
Political Communication Interest Group (AEJMC)

The political communication interest group of AEJMC is inviting panel proposals
for the 2013 AEJMC conference in Washington, DC. We are seeking
teaching, research and PF&R panels. The panel can be either a
pre-conference or a conference panel. We
especially welcome co-sponsored panels.

Panels should focus on a specific topic within political
communications and can include such topics as diversity, social media,
elections, public opinion, political journalism, political
advertising, etc.   In addition, we welcome panel proposals that focus
on the 2012 Presidential Election and/or take advantage of the unique
setting of holding AEJMC in our nation’s political capital.

If you would like to submit a panel proposal, please follow the following steps:
Send us a one-page proposal with the following information:
            -Panel title and description.
            -Panel type (teaching, research or PF&R).
            -Panel sponsors (divisions within AEJMC).

-Abstract about the panel (a paragraph describing the key issues or
subject matter).
            -List of proposed panelists including affiliation.
            -Contact information for the organizer(s) of the panel,
including email and phone.

Please make sure that all proposed panelists are planning to attend
the AEJMC conference in Washington D.C.
All proposals are due on Oct 21st and should be mailed to Erik Nisbet
at nisbet.5@osu.edu
Please email me if you have any questions or need more information
about proposing a panel.

Erik Nisbet
PCIG Vice-head and Program Chair


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